What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? This messages ties in what Jesus really meant to follow Him and GO into the world.
Second message on the sermon series entitled GO! Go in peace.
Listen to this great message by Pastor Jacob Wallace about holiness and what it means to Go and sin and no more.

What does a stronghold mean in the bible? How do you pull them down and demolish them? Find out how by watching the latest by Pastor Jacob Wallace - Battle Ready | Pulling down the Strongholds

Mother’s day is a such a special day here at River of Life. In this message by Kristen Wallace, she discusses the importance moms play in the role of leaving a legacy. #LegacyMatters #Wonder

Signs, wonders and miracles, what does it all mean. Is it for today, is it for our lives, does God believe in them? Join Pastor Jake as he shares some insight on the topic, signs, wonders and miracles.

Join Pastor Steve Nordyke as he brings a word on having a Kingdom Mentality. What does it mean to live with a Kings heart and thinking.