We’re thrilled you’re leaning into Jesus as you explore your faith and pursue your relationship with God and others in our church community. These NEXT STEPS will help you become part of culture, engage in community, and help you Discover  your Destiny.  



Discover is all about knowing who we are as a church and how to become more involved in our areas of ministries.  We encourage EVERYONE who is looking to becoming involved to go through our Discover Class, however, what you'll find in discover phase are first steps to your growing relationship with God.  Click the button below to find out more! 


Jesus commanded us to "Go and make disciples....." We believe that being in relationship with one another, spurring one another on and sharpening each other is crucial to the "discipleship" lifestyle.  We have multiple ways for you to engage in "relationship discipleship" here at River of Life.  Click the button below to learn more! 




The Bible says "The fields are ready to be harvested...."  We believe that a church should be on the front lines of promoting God's love, power and Kingdom to the world we live in everyday.  We have a few ways for people to participate in introducing people to a new life in Christ.  Learn more about by clicking the link below.