Mid-Week Connect is a weekly opportunity to explore the basics of faith in Jesus. As Pastors and key leaders take time to encourage with Scripture and share from their own personal journeys, the relaxed environment is comfortable for anyone to attend and enjoy themselves. It’s a great mid-week opportunity to recharge, be refreshed and connect with others.

1st Wednesday of each month we have a FAMILY

$1 Dinner @ 5:30pm.  

6:30 pm -  (ADULTS, KIDS, TEENS) 


ADULTS: 1st Wednesday of each month during the summer = $1 Dinner @ 5:30pm/ Worship following 

Kids 1st - 5th grade only: SUMMER KIDS CONNECT (we are providing a summer kids ministry led by Steven & Ruth Chandler)

COMMUNITY GARDEN: Our community garden group meets every Wednesday night @ 6:30pm