About Ivan Tait

Ivan is an international speaker who travels weekly. He is loved and appreciated everywhere he goes, and people often consider him a very personal friend. His sense of humor helps “the medicine go down” as he is an honest, clear, and impacting speaker. Ivan is the Chief Executive Officer and visionary of WMMM and sets the direction for every department. He is always open and eager to hear the advice and ideas of his board and partners and always looks for agreement before implementing any new idea. With Ivan as the leader and at the helm, every day is an exciting adventure, and the future grows brighter and brighter for all of us who are honored to be involved with him on this journey.


  • November 16-18

  • Friday - 6:30pm | Saturday - 6:30pm | Sunday 10am

  • Childcare available, YOU MUST REGISTER | REGISTER HERE

  • Worship, message & prophetic ministry