#iamNext Project


There are few things worse than feeling like you have no way out. When you feel like life is closing in and you have nowhere to turn and have no idea what to do next, life suddenly feels impossible. An unplanned pregnancy can feel just like this. In February of 2016, Pastor Jacob Wallace of River of Life in Onalaska, WI, felt the weight of this struggle in his soul.
“The Lord dropped into my heart an idea, a vision, to help young ladies understand they have options. These precious ladies need to know they have an option of adoption rather than abortion,” Wallace shared. And from that encounter with the Lord, #iamNext was born. These unborn babies are the next presidents, the next doctors, teachers, moms, dads, custodians, pastors and so on. “I didn’t move on it right away,” Wallace explained, “It started with simple Instagram pictures and occasional Facebook posts.” And as 2017 approached, he knew it was time to get real with the project. With February being love month, he was ready to launch #iamNext.
“It is time to love the young ladies & men who have unplanned pregnancies and give these precious unborn babies a voice,” Wallace said. “Let’s allow them to have the option of being whomever God is creating them to become.” He has seen the church preach the topic to death, but not really have a hand in doing something about it. His goal is to draw attention to the help that is out there for those ladies who want an option for birth. “It is time to extend the hand of Christ to the single moms and dads who are in need of baby items, and bless them with a few of them to get started,” Wallace exclaimed.
With this call to action, River of Life’s first project for #iamNext was to gather car seats, formula and diapers for the Agape Pregnancy Resource Center of La Crosse. “These three items are of greatest need for these moms,” Wallace said. In one month, the church purchased over 15 car seats, over 400 ounces of formula and 1,500 diapers. When people share a vision, see a need and understand the Lord’s heart for people in need, amazing miracles can happen.
“This is just the beginning,” Wallace said. “We have big ideas in the works for this project. It is time to love these young ladies, men and save these precious unborn babies so they can have a chance to become The Next.”