Pastor of Children’s Ministries

Job Title: Children Pastor
Status: Full Time

Report To: Senior Pastor

Primary Responsibilities

  • Ephesians 4:11-13.  Develop a team that is fully qualified to serve the Lord by serving one another.

  • Serve as the primary leader for our ministry to children and their families.

  • Drive the ROLC KIDS ministry to match River of Life Church core values.

  • Create excellent environments for preschoolers and elementary children on Sunday morning by constant evaluation and systematic improvements.

  • Serve as the point person for Kid’s Check-In for Elementary and Pre-School ministries.

  • Oversee all volunteers and any paid staff in each of these environments.

  • Serve on the team of the church, whose primary goal is to plan and execute strategies for the health of our church and staff, while fulfilling the Great Commission. 

  • Identify, invite, train, and empower volunteer leaders to be a part of Family Ministry.

  • Oversee the setup of the children’s areas. 

  • Coordinate Parent/Child Dedications.

  • Meet with key staff/volunteers on a regular basis to evaluate and improve Kid’s Check-In, Elementary and Pre-School areas.

  • Participate in staff meetings, creative meetings, and leadership retreats to provide evaluation and feedback to the Lead Team.

  • Communicate with other children and student pastor to gain insight and develop ways to improve the effectiveness of the worship experience.

Personal Responsibilities

  1. Maintain God ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, your children third and the ministry fourth.

  2. Give at least 10% of your income to the vision of River of Life Church.

  3. Be loyal to the vision and staff of River of Life Church and always protect the unity of the church.

  4. Invest and invite the lost to know Jesus and come to River of Life Church.



We are a team, modeling community for our church.   We’ll celebrate each other’s victories, pray for each other, and treat each other with respect.  We’ll do life together.

Professionalism and Excellence

We value each other’s privacy and schedules in the office and in the home.  People will know where we are during the day, what time we’ll be in and what time we will leave.  We will do the things that matter most first, and not overlook the important for the urgent.  We will do what we say we will do and be on time and prepared for meetings.

Team Ministry

We can accomplish more together than we can individually. We are not a federation of sub-ministries and realize that we all have a part  in the overall vision of the church.   We will communicate with each other and collaborate with each other.   We will respect each other’s roles and positions.

Right Priorities

The presence of God is a priority in our work atmosphere. We expect you to meet with God everyday, spend time hearing His voice and positioning yourself for self victories by intimacy with Jesus. A core value of ours is to make our spiritual life practical and our practical life spiritual.

Retreat and Relax

We will retreat once a year as a staff.  We will retreat once a year by ourselves.  We will use our vacation time and attend conferences.  

People Matter

People matter more than programs, buildings and budgets, but not more than principles and purpose.  We will get back with people within 24 hours when they call or e-mail us.  We will close the loop on communication.