MEN: All men welcome
ROOM 207
Facilitators: Larry Schrader & Quinton Pataska

In a fallen world, there’s a struggle to remain faithful to the call God has placed on lives of men. We face endless physical, mental and spiritual battles. Some are won, some are lost but they must be fought. This world needs warriors. Men who will rise to the challenge and fight for their families, their friends and themselves. The problem is that fewer than 10% of churches are able to maintain an effective men’s ministry. So how will we lead the way?

  • UNITE: Unite men weekly to hold each other accountable 
  • ENCOURAGE: Through the word & discussion
  • EQUIP: Train spiritually and physically 
  • STRENGTHEN: Pray for one another to be the best men we can be.

WOMEN: All women welcome
Facilitators: Kristen Wallace & Deb Nordyke

Discovering the WONDER that God has given to us through creativity and gifts.  There will be different ladies from our church teach each week through flowers, painting, creative writing, fitness, however the Lord has gifted us.  It’s going to be an amazing time together. COME JOIN US! 


We have Connect Classes for every age during this time.  

  • We have Nursery and Toddler's classes available during the Connect Class time. | Pre-School Room 
  • KIDS (1st -5th) | Room 205 
  • Teens (6th-12th) | Room 208