DISCOVER CLASS: Everyone welcome
Facilitators: Larry & Jen Schrader

Discover Class walks you through what it means to follow Christ, embrace the gifts God’s given you, and share his love in the world around you. Learn more about our church, who we are and what we’re about.  This is the first step in getting connected and plugged in to the family of River of Life. 

ADULT BIBLE STUDY: All adults welcome
Facilitator: Francis Jones

The Gospel of Luke in a unique way, focusing on several great accounts
 illustrating the compassion of Jesus. These lessons will challenge us to follow the example of Christ, demonstrating compassion to fellow believers as well as the lost. We will study the Trinity as insight into the nature of God, preparing us to respond to arguments against our belief in God.

Facilitator: Steve & Deb Nordyke

Prayer is one of our most effective weapons to advance the Kingdom of God. There are many kinds of prayer and all have their place in our heavenly arsenal. This class will focus on prayer as a ministry directly to people. Praying for people  at the altar, in the marketplace, over the phone.....all of the places where we come in contact with needs that heaven can address.

HOW’S YOUR SOUL?: Everyone welcome
Facilitators: Scott & Michelle Christopherson

How’s Your Soul? is an invitation to find lasting emotional satisfaction and stability by bringing our feelings into alignment with God’s truth, moving beyond simply surviving, and learning how to live each day with eternal significance.

River of Life Teens

Teen Connect: 6th - 12th Grade
Facilitator: Sarah Pedretti

    Come experience a time to connect and dig into the word of God.  Explore and discuss the bible in a way designed for all teens to understand and engage.  

River of Life Kids

We have Nursery and Toddlers class each available during the Connect Class Time.  Each class will be taught interactive and engaging lessons from the Bible.  CLICK HERE to find out more about ROLC Kids.

ROLC Kids: 1st - 5th grade

    We combine all the kids together to help the older ones serve and the younger ones participate.  The curriculum is geared for all these ages and is guaranteed to be engaging yet practical.